Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Physical Geography

This is the Geography
of hard hats and rock hammers

of observation,

of landscape.

This is the Geography
of schist, silt and scree

of river, mountain,
coastline and desert.

It can only be done outside
wearing trousers with pockets
on the side of your legs.

I'm coping.

Thank you for all your lovely comments yesterday.
I am out all day on expeditions
and have very limited access to the internet
so I won't be able to respond this week.
Thank you for looking after MrM


  1. Man! I hope you don't get schist, silt and scree in the pockets on the outside of your legs. That could be very difficult to remove.

    Looks like lots of fun. The hard hat look is very fetching.

  2. Do the different coloured helmets signify anything special or is the daffodil look in this year ?

  3. MissM is off to stay with a friend now until Saturday afternoon so I shall be fending for myself. Might finally get round to taking the socks out of the washing machine I suppose.

    Planning ahead I have noted that MrsM will be spared most of the rugby on tv this weekend before she returns which is good planning on her part.

  4. Oh my! Such industriousness!
    Jo x

  5. Oh, look at you in your hard hat! Mind you don't slip on that scree ...

  6. You're managing to look chic in a hard hat. That's a feat.

  7. I knew you knew what you were doing in Millets.

    I see Mr M has a weekend of rugby watching planned, whilst not wearing socks perhaps....

  8. I have to add, I am rather enjoying the Mrs M, Field Correspondent Posts.

  9. You look divine.
    MrM has got his rugby planned so he's FINE.
    I hope you can squeeze some chorizo and paella in your agenda. Maybe a little sangria?
    I dunno much about Spain ... other than that and Jamon Iberico or Patanegra ...
    Food ... yes, I am one for food.

  10. Glad to see that you have accessorised your hard hard with a stylish scarf.

  11. That's it. I want to be a geographer, too!

  12. Miss, Miss, I can see some naughty people who aren't wearing their hard hats! Why would anyone not want to wear something so fetching?

  13. suits you girl!!!

    having fun?

  14. I haven't mention my love of scree, have I?
    I do.
    I love scree.

  15. Oh what fun! Enjoy the fresh air for me!


Thank you! I love reading your comments and even though I don't always have time to reply I am really grateful to every one who joins in the conversation.